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PRISM: An Interdisciplinary Journal

for Holocaust Educators


Artifacts Drawings by Nancy Patz

Azrieli Graduate School publishes PRISM: An Interdisciplinary Journal for Holocaust Educators, with funding from the Rothman Foundation. PRISM offers educators a practical, scholarly resource on teaching the Holocaust at the high school, college and graduate school levels. It is edited by Azrieli faculty members Dr. Karen Shawn, visiting associate professor of Jewish education, and Dr. Jeffrey Glanz, the Raine and Stanley Silverstein Professor of Professional Ethics and Values. Each issue examines a specific topic through a variety of lenses, including education, history, literature, poetry, psychology and art. Experts from high schools, colleges, universities, museums and resource centers in the United States and Israel bring diverse perspectives highlighting particular facets of the issue at hand. 


PRISM: Spring, 2016 – Volume 6​

Here we present our first unthemed issue. It offers, as usual, historical research, pedagogy, literature, poetry, documentary photographs, and paintings—but on a variety of topics and themes that illustrate the particular passions and expertise of authors whose subjects may not warrant an entire journal but whose essays are too valuable to miss. We are particularly pleased to feature the art of Nancy Patz, and to share essays from teacher practitioners and professors, whose creative and passionate work highlights the necessity and value of providing a sound historical foundation as well as opportunities for student engagement and active learning in every classroom.   --- Karen Shawn, Ph.D., Editor


View the full PDF version of PRISM Journal Spring 2014 -- Volume 6

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