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Gina Farina and the Prince of Mintz

Written and Illustrated by Nancy Patz

Hail to Gina Farina, the baker’s daughter! A girl with a mind of her own and a heart set on adventure, she uses her talent for baking pies to join a troupe of traveling players and see the world. 


In the strange and dangerous town of Mintz, the vain, grumpy Prince demands that she remain and bake her pies only for him. But Gina Farina has a mind of her own—and an unforgettable contest of wills begins. 


Nancy Patz’s rhythmic tale and rich three-color illustrations blend splendidly to tell the spirited story of a most plucky girl and a tyrannic prince of the Renaissance. True to age-old fairy tale traditions in all ways but one, this story has an uncommon ending—yet readers will know and long remember that Gina Farina and the Prince of Mintz lived happily ever after. 

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