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To Annabella Pelican from Thomas Hippopotamus

Written and Illustrated by Nancy Patz

Upon the hills of Sunberry, across from the park on Market Street, live Annabella Pelican and Thomas Hippopotamus. Graceful Annabella loves to swoop and leap and glide, while galumphing Thomas prefers to slowly climb to the top of his favorite slide and just quietly sit and look around. But Annabella and Thomas are the best of friends—until the day Annabella announces that her family is moving away (“to the beautiful Pelican Glades!”). Who will ride with Thomas on the bicycle built for two, or laugh with him on the Giant Slide? Nothing can console him of the loss of Annabella…until a trip through the park brings back warm memories and the knowledge that Annabella, though far away, is still his good friend. 


Nancy Patz, whose popular picture books are distinguished by her rhythmic texts and rich illustrations, has created a memorable twosome who discover that friendship is a treasure to cherish forever. 

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